Xposed for Oreo 8.0 & 8.1+ Development Status by Rovo89

Here is the latest Update about the Xposed for Oreo (Android 8.0 & 8.1+ devices) by Rovo89 the developer of Xposed Framework. He said that he ported 95% code to the android oreo. But it seems little work to be done. And the remaining 5% of work needs to be accomplished. It takes some time as I think according to his words. Read the below lines what he said actually.

Xposed for Oreo Development Status by Rovo89

I have already started work on Android 8.0. There are a few new language features that I’ll have to look at, but the general concept should still work. That includes all the work on invalidating compiled the code of any callers when a method is hooked, which took by far the most time when I worked on Nougat. So I’m really confident that I’ll be much faster this time. Android 8.1 shouldn’t be much different, so I expect not much additional work for it. – Rovo89

(17th December 2017) Latest Update Xposed for Oreo:- I know many of you are waiting for Oreo support, and indeed I’m pretty far with that. 95% of the code is ported, basic functionality is working on Genymotion. The remaining 5% are obviously those parts of the code which are more difficult to port. I literally just upgraded my primary device to Android 8.1, so I can hopefully start some real testing soon. – Rovo89

Guide to install Systemless Xposed Framework on Oreo Devices

Guide to Install Xposed Framework On Oreo Android 8.0 & 8.1+

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