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Download DRM Disabler [Magisk Module]

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What is DRM Disabler? A Magisk module designed to disable DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) completely on Android devices using Magisk, for reasons of security or ethics (see: Opposing Digital Rights Mismanagement and Examples of proprietary DRM). It’s a simple module…

TaiChi Magisk Module ☯ by Weishu

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Taichi Magisk Module is a helpful tool as like the EDXposed. Insanely, these both are working under magisk tree to access the system-level things. Previously Taichi is a successor of Virtual Xposed which is intended to give basic xposed features…

Download ENERGIZED Magisk Module ⚡ FLAKY

ENERGIZED THUMBNAIL blocking.Energized Hosts consolidates several reputable hosts files and merges them into a unified hosts file with duplicates removed. A variety of tailored hosts files are provided. What is ENERGIZED for? This Energized System is designed for Unix-like systems, gets…