Zygisk Detach App & Module [Download]

Zygisk Detach App was recently introduced to the basic users who are not able to add the new packages into the Zygisk Detach module. So, with this app, users can easily select the required app to be detached from the Google Play store.


What is the Zygisk Detach App?

Zygisk Detach is a simple app and open source too. It is developed by j-hc who is a well-known developer for creating the ReVanced YouTube Magisk Module and also modules like MinDetach.

The app is just a user interface for the Zygisk Detach Magisk module. So, you should install the module first to make the app work on your device.

App Info

NameZygisk Detach
Size1.3 MB



How to Install?

  • Enable Zygisk in the Magisk app.
  • Install the Zip file first.
  • Reboot the device.
  • Install APK now.
  • Now, open the Zygisk Detach app and select which apps to be detached from the Play Store.

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