Download YouTube Revanced [Magisk Module]

YouTube Revanced Magisk Module is a successor for GOAT Vanced YouTube. It is currently developing by the unofficial contributor named j-hc, and the official method will be available through Revanced Manager soon. So, for users who are keen to know things about this latest application, you can try it without any worries.

j-hc also developed the mindetach module which basically detaches YouTube and YouTube Music from Play Store and blocks it from updating them. This way, you don’t get annoying notifications from the google playstore.


What is YouTube Revanced Magisk Module?

YouTube Revanced Magisk Module is a rooted version which will only work on devices that have the proper Magisk framework installed. If you are a non-root or supersu user, this method won’t work for you. In this case, you must build a Non-root APK file by yourself or wait until Revanced Manager is released.


  • Sponsorblock to skip sponsor content, intros, outros, end cards, subscribe reminders, self-promotion, and more.
    • Enable Segment adding
    • Enable Voting
  • Return YouTube Dislike (RYD)
  • VP9 codec override
  • Preferred video speed setting
  • Home ads disabled
  • Video ads hidden
  • Layout ad removal
  • Merchandise ad removal
  • Community post removal
  • Compact banner removal
  • Comments removal
  • Survey removal
  • Shorts self van be disabled
  • Info and Medical panel removal
  • Youtube stories can be hidden
  • Video brightness can be set to maximum on HDR landscape videos
  • Background playback
  • Swipe controls
    • For volume
    • For brightness
  • A lot more is to be added soon.


How to Install YouTube Revanced Magisk Module .Zip file?

  • Download the .zip file from the above
  • Open Magisk App
  • Tap on Module sections
  • Tap on Install from the storage option
  • Navigate to the YT Revanced Magisk file
  • Wait until its flashes and reboot the device.


The modules support Magisk updates which means you will receive updates from your Magisk app; downloading from GitHub releases and reflashing is not necessary.

Note that the CI workflow is scheduled to build the modules and APKs every day if there is a change. You may want to disable it.

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