Bypass SafetyNet Issue: CTS Profile Mismatch Errors

Are you looking for the latest working guide to bypass Safetynet issue? If the answer is yes, then you are in right place. Here we are going to show you how to fix Safetynet issue with the simple android app or Magisk module. The module called universal SafetyNet Fix let you run the apps which require the google new security measure aka Safety Net.

Magisk Manager is one of the fastest-growing Non-Playstore App which means unknown sources app which is only designed for the rooting devices systemlessly. One of the Xda forum members has made this app for hiding root access from some of the high-security applications. Topjohnwu is the creator of the Magisk Su. It works as same as Chainfire’s Super Su. But Super Su fails the Safety Net pass so most of the people switch to Magisk Root.

Bypass SafetyNet issue cts profile mismatch errors

What is SafetyNet?

Safety net is the Topmost Security measure that ensures the device is safe to run some of the android applications mostly Banking applications. Recently it was developed by Google to improve the security of the android platform.

You might hear about Android Pay which is introduced by Google available in some countries now. This app will check the safety net thing and if it confirms that then it will work. As like this one, most of the banking applications follow the same procedure to run their apps on the android device.

Even it spread to Netflix. Only Netflix works when it confirms that the device passes the safety net. By Rooting the device, you will lose the warranty along with the Safety Net pass. That may tend to your device being out of support for these kinds of apps.

How to Bypass SafetyNet Issue with Universal Safetynet FIX?

If you are using the SuperSu root binaries, then you must switch to the Magisk Su. Here is the best guide for installing Magisk Su. After installing Magisk Root binaries then this process will work for you as like a charm.

Fix Safetynet issue possible with the Magisk Module which is called as Universal Safety Net Fix. Deiki is the XDA forum member and the creator of this Module.

Currently, it is in the Beta version so in some of the devices it may not work properly. I recommended you to bookmark this page it will help you to get the app updates quickly. Or you will check the updates from the Magisk Manager.


Steps to Fix SafetyNet on most of the android devices

  • Download the Universal Safetynet fix flashable zip file from the requirements section according to the Magisk version.
  • Open Magisk Manager and drag the menu from left to right.
fix safetynet magisk
  • You will see the Module section. Open it.
  • Now, click on the Yellow color + button. It will open the file manager of your device. Select the Universal safety net fix.Zip file.
bypass safetynet on magisk manager
  • After that Reboot your device.

How to Install Universal Safetynet Fix with TWRP (Custom Recovery)?

In some of the beta versions, installing directly with the magisk manager is not possible. It will Show some error message when flashing module .zip file. In that case better to flash with custom recovery EG:- TWRP.

  • After downloading the above zip file according to the magisk version.
  • Now, Boot your device into Custom Recovery mode.
safetynet pass with universal safetynet fix
  • In the TWRP’s Home select the Install button. Find the required zip file from your Storage.
  • Swipe the install Button. It will take some time to complete the installation procedure. Then simply tap on the reboot button.
cts profile mismatch erros fixed
  • Now, the phone will open normally and check the Safety net pass on the Magisk Manager App.
fix safetynet issue

Final Words:

Working Guide to bypass Safetynet issue on most of the Android ROMs. I hope this guide will help you as much as I think. So, If you have any further queries regarding bypass Safetynet issue comment below. we will help you out as fast as we can.

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  3. Wow keep it up!

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  7. Please, it pass SafetyNet even with Xsposed?

  8. awesome! thank you so much. totally worked.

  9. Sir, even after flashing universal safety I’m getting CTS error
    I’m using aicp7.1.2 ROM on my redmi note 4g(Dior)
    Please help me

  10. thank you so much is work redmi 3s love sir

  11. can this solution work with magisk 15.3 on magisk manager 5.5.5?

  12. Why universal safetynet fix not update anymore? After magisk v14 it doesn’t work anymore

  13. Will the version provided for V14.0+ work on my V16.0 version? Noob here.

  14. still fail safetynet on my redmi note 4g (dior)

  15. Thanks 😀
    Working 100%

  16. Hello this works on magisk 16?? Thanks

  17. Hi, when i make that i have a “error” in the installation with TWRP, what i can do?

  18. No work in Magisk 16.0, bad fellings…

  19. It worked.. thank you so much dev 🤗

  20. The module was installed, but ctsprofile is still false 😫

    Resurrection remix android 7.1

    LG d620

  21. NOA H10 on Umi Z Pro, Magisk 17.1

  22. Cts profile false

    RR 8.1 please help (no xposed installed)

  23. Do not work with
    Magisk 17.1
    Magisk Manager 6.0.1
    Galaxy.s4 Android 5.0.1

  24. not working on Magisk 6.0.1
    If I install Universal (17.1), magisk manager uninstall automatically.
    DNA ZERO ROM, No Exposed Installer

  25. How to uninstall it? Magisk not work caused it, cant install magisk again

  26. Does not work for magisk 18.0

  27. Just wantet to say:

    Thanks! Works with LG D620 / LineageOS 7.1, Magisk 18.0!

  28. Does not work with magisk 18 on

  29. Not Working on Android Pie LineageOS 16, 18.1, MM 7.00

  30. Can’t get it to work on CARBON-CR-6.1-NOCT-RELEASE-castor_windy-20190219-0020 (Android 8.1) Magisk 18.1

  31. Perinban Parameshwaran

    When I try to install universal safetynet fix for magisk 18.1, magisk got automatically uninstalled. Anybody know what to do? But ctsprofile is passing. Again i need to unistall magisk completely and install otherwise magisk is not working

  32. Mark Adrian Sammut

    latest version 18.1 Not working with Android Pie – safetynet fail.

  33. Hi,

    I am still getting the ctsProfile as false

    My phone is Xiaomi Pocophone f1,
    OS: Lineage 16
    Magisk version 18.1
    Added magisk module: MagiskHide Props Config (

    Any help to bypass safetynet is much appriciated

    Thanks and Regards

  34. Hi there…good work.
    I will explain my problem elaborately.
    My device: moto g4 plus.
    Os: lineage 15.1 oreo unofficial.

    So when i installed the 18.1 magisk and 7.0 magisk manager it showed me that cts profile : false.
    But once i downloaded the universal one for magisk 17+ then the safetynet came fine and cts came true, however this time it showed me that magisk is not installed and it prompted me to download the latest zip for 18.1 which i did and flashed it through twrp custom recovery. But everytime i open magisk manager it shows the same popup that magisk not installed.

    So, shall i conclude that if we install that universal safety than magisk root wont work or is there something that we can do.

    Please let me know.

    I appreciate all your efforts.
    Keep up

  35. People failing the safety net test shouldn’t go forward with the universal safetynet fix as the latest versions of magisk aren’t compatible with the module anymore hence many are reporting that it shows magisk isn’t installed.

    Kindly go forward with the magisk hide module from the module section of magisk as its the only working solution right now with no backfire.

  36. Please help me when i flashing it it shows magisk not installed but i properly installed it.Why i do?

  37. I Have oneplus one, devide model A0001 android 6.0.1

    Before using magisk v18.0 and Manager v7.0 was ok. After update to the last version safetynet check has: profile false and basicintegrity false. I try magisk hide props module v.3.5.1-v50. Does work…palese help me Thank u

  38. Does not work, please help me

  39. this is not a magisk module , This will not Install both via magisk or recovery . Incompatible with the latest version of magisk

  40. Thanks for this. I’m trying to use the Spectrum TV app on my rooted device, but no luck so far. Any other idea? Thanks

  41. hi i am using magisk 19.2 , my basicIntegrity is pass but only ctsprofile is false, any solution or idea? thx

  42. Does not work witth 19.3, cannot install as a module


  44. invalid zip file format!
    using 19.3

  45. Did not work.. I’m really pissed. Tried the whole day………

    can’t install modules in Magisk, and in TWRP doesn’t work either.

    I just want a rooted device with GooglePay working!! 🙁

  46. I have lineage OS 16 with root and without gapps nor microG. I tried to install MagiskHide by Didgeridoohan, but it did not work. Any idea?

  47. Work second option on Xiaomi mi A2 on android 10 beta Pixel experience

  48. “Safetypatcher {Module} by hackintosh5” works with Magisk v19.5 and Magisk Manager v7.3.4

    Thanks crew!! 🙂

  49. Installed SafetyPatch-v3 and glad its working great as its passing Safetynet.

    But can now I proceed to install Edxposed?
    Will it break Safetynet?

  50. Cannot pass ctsProfile: False and I get device not certified
    just updated my 6t to Q/A10 stock rom/ Unlocked bootloader, rooted and twrp

    In the past I was able to use terminal to change fingerprint but I cannot recall to do that

    please help

  51. i download Safetypatcher {Module} by hackintosh5 . i select this file in module section and sucess then rebbot it .Now, it stuck in loading screen lenovo . nothing happening please help.

  52. Thank you its not working for me

  53. magisk 20.1 (20100) , magisk manager 7.4.0 (253) (3)

    both patch not working (ctsProfile:false , basicIntegrity:false)

  54. Netflix does a different check. I consistently fail SafetyNet, but don’t care, I do not use banking or GPay apps, but do use Netflix heavily.

    To pass the DRM check Netflix does, simply install the Magisk module liboemcrypt Disabler. The module description explains how it works, but it is not SafetyNet that Netflix users have to beat.

    Great article.

  55. magisk 20.1 (20100) , magisk manager 7.4.0

    both not working (ctsProfile:false , basicIntegrity:false

  56. Thanks!! Safetypatcher by hackintosh5 worked for my Moto G6 plus with EvoX.

  57. Thanks, the second patch worked for me. You Really saved my wife

  58. Basic intergrity false. ??? Why ?
    CtsProfile true .
    Please help me

  59. Hi I’m using the RevolutioOS.
    I’ve installed all three modules but I still get massage from VRsecureGo.
    I need some help.
    Thanks in advance.

  60. PS:

    ctsPrfile: true
    basicitegrety: true

  61. After installing the Patches I checked my phone. Now the Basic intergrity is true and the CtsProfile is true as well.
    But VR SecureGo still don’t work.

    I still need help.

  62. Ok, I voud an information how to solve the problem!
    I went to settings of Magisk and repacked it with the name “Manager”.
    After that it worked.

  63. There is a general problem on Xiaomi devices message appears in a magisk


    Please Help

  64. —This one didn’t work—
    New* Latest Module By Didgeridoohan that will help you to Pass the Safetynet measure. – Download

    —This work bricked my phone and asked for thanks in xda—
    (Try this one, if above not works for you) Safetypatcher {Module} by hackintosh5 – Download

    Luckily i managed to reboot my phone by enabling magisk core in orangefox and delete the modules.. fking hell

  65. Even after doing all this it still doesnt give me ctsProfile true, it is still FALSE

    Android version: 9
    MIUI version: MIUI STABLE
    Phone: Xiaomi Pocophone F1
    Rooted with TWRP + Magisk 20.3 (20300)
    Magisk manager 7.5.1 (267)

    Please help me.

  66. why would you set your site to autoplay videos? in what world is that a good decision

  67. Thank it work 100% (my phone work use Safetypatcher {Module} by hackintosh5)

    Magisk v20.4 / Manager v7.5.1 (Oneplus 5) Android 10


  68. None worked, guys… Pokemon Go is aware

  69. Thank you for the time you put in this.
    Device: HTC U11 ocn
    ROM: LineageOS 17.1 v20200411 (Android 10)
    Installed Magisk 20.4, Magisk Manager (APK).
    I followed your guide, but only MagiskHide Props Config and SafetyPatch are successfully flashed. I cannot get a successful installation of Petnoire’s_SafetyNet_Spoofer. I downloaded this file from 2 places.
    I am stuck here.

    • I have the same problem with Petnoire’s_SafetyNet_Spoofer. No reason is given for the failure to install. I have a ZTE Axon 7 running Viper OS Pie.

  70. Thanks! Works on LeTV Le Max 1 Android 6.0.1.

  71. Not working on Samsung Note 8 Exynos

  72. none one above worked. cts and basic integrity are false.
    realme 2 pro. stock rom c30
    android 9. magisk 20.4

  73. Redmi 4 prime, Android 10, havoc 3.5, magisk 20.4, manager 7.5.1.
    Working with Safetypatcher {Module} by hackintosh5
    Thanks vm

  74. Thanks my friend

  75. looks like Safetypatcher {Module} by hackintosh5 only works, playstore has no non-certify message, banking app which is before return its on emulator runs ok, but safetynet check return both basic integrity and cts all failed, why?
    Module By Didgeridoohan not working,

  76. MI A3 Android 10 cts profile false tried all the modules above but they don’t work

  77. Lenovo k6 power tried all the above modules none worked for me
    CTS profile and basic integrity are still appearing false

  78. Is this possible to remove Magisk without removing TWRP?

  79. Why I am getting Safety net API errors?
    I clear data of Magisk and all other Google APK
    I reboot my phone but it still showing API errors?

  80. ctsProfile failed.

    MagiskHide Props Config v5.3.6-v106 installed
    HiddenCore Module installed
    PetNoire’s SafetyNet Spoofe installed

    Magisk v21.1
    Magisk Manager v8.0.3(314)(14)

    Android 10
    One UI 2.5
    Galaxy Tab A7 2020

    Is there any other way to try?

  81. Hi
    Im using Samsung Tab s7 android 10 im update magisk Yesterday now cts fales m try all Method Busy box & hide magisk also try termux not working please help 🙏🏻

  82. My phone is samsung s10+ i have installed magisk 22.1 safetynet is not passing. Kindly help and send proper files for android 11

  83. Hi there! After installing petnoire and didgeridoonhan on magisk I’ve had no success. After flashing petnoire via twrp my phone got stuck on bootloop. Used twrp bootloop recovery fix to get it back working, but when I re-root it gets stuck again. Any tips on how to uninstall the zip a flashed from twrp without magisk?
    I’m running lineageOS 18.1 on motorola g7 play, with previously installed magisk 22.1.
    Everything was working fine besides I was unable to pass safetynet check, the reason I got here on the first place…
    Any help is appreciated in order to not having to reinstall the rom and the modes again. Thanks!

  84. Magisk safety net fix worked.after I installed a module which name that fluid experience v4 special magisk safety net failed.when I remove this module automatically its going to fix.I need a solution for this issue.I need that please help

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