How to Uninstall Magisk Module Using TWRP Recovery

Quick Guide for Uninstalling the Magisk Module without using Magisk Manager also known as Uninstall Magisk Module using TWRP Recovery or Offline. One of the Most Awaited methods for the Magic Mask Users is to Uninstall Magisk Module via Offline. This will be the best method when the Module is causing the boot loop. In that case, the Phone is Unresponsive, right? So what do we need to do? One is to Uninstall the Module which is causing the issue, and the alternative is complete removal of Magisk Su.

Removing of Module which is causing the boot loop that makes sense. One of the Xda Forum Senior Member named  veez21 has developed the Magisk Module Uninstaller for that situation only. This Could help us to get the phone back into normal working condition by removing the Magic Mask Module. Want to donate to the developer for his work you can check the Paypal link here.

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how to uninstall magisk modules using twrp recovery

Magisk Module Uninstaller – Uninstall Magisk Module Via TWRP

Method 1:

Step1: Download Magisk Module Uninstaller Flashable zip file from the below link to the P.C

[quads id=3]

Step2: Send the zip file to the Phones Sd Card or Internal Memory using MTP (Most of the TWRP Recovery Support this Method)

Step3: Now, tap on the Install Button and Choose the Magisk Module Uninstaller Zip file to be Flashed.

Install Magisk Module

Step4: After Completion of Installation. Go back to TWRP Home.

Step5: Tap on Advanced Option from the TWRP Home. Choose Terminal Option now.

TWRP Terminal

Step6: Type uninmod in the Terminal Box and tap enter button. It will take nearly 3 minutes to mounting the /data/adb/magisk.img to /dev/tmp/magisk_img.

Step7: Again need to wait (Approximately 3min) for loading the Modules which is currently installed on your device.

Twrp terminal uninmod

Step8: Now, You can see the Modules list and You have to type the Number which does you want to uninstall (Check Below Screen Shot)

Magisk Module Uninstaller

Step9: Finally the Magic Mask Module will be Uninstalled Entirely. But You have to wait again for 4 minutes for Unmounting the Partitions.

Note: Magisk Module Uninstaller Zip needs to be Flashed whenever above Procedure wants to be followed.

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Uninstall Magisk Module with Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode

VR25 has developed Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode. This is one of his modules, and there are many modules currently developing by VR25 under Magic Mask Tree. This module has better options than what we have mentioned above. You will get a Very Fluid and Interactive experience while using this Module and no need to install it whenever you want to uninstall the magisk module via TWRP.

Method 2:

Step1: Download the Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode zip file to your P.C. and send to your Android device through MTP.

Step2: Click on the install button from TWRP home and select the Module.

install magisk manager for twrp recovery

Step3: Swipe to Install the Module.

Step4: Select the Advanced Option from the TWRP Home and Tap the Terminal Option to access the Magisk Manager Modules.

Step5: Type the Below Command then you will get the list of Options.

mm for first time
/data/media/mm for second time onwards.
  • e) Enable/Disable Modules
  • l) List of Installed Modules
  • m) Make magisk.img srvive f. resets
  • r) Resize magisk.img
  • s) Change Magisk Settings (using via Text Editor)
  • t) Toggle auto_mount
  • u) Uninstall modules
  • x) Exit

Step6: In this list, you can select any of the settings according to your need. If you select the “e“, then you can enable or disable the modules.

magisk manager for twrp to uninstall

Step7: If you want to uninstall magisk modules then you need to select “u” command. It will show the list of the modules which you have installed on your device.

Uninstall Magisk Module

Step8: Now, type the Name of the module and hit the Enter button (2 times). That’s it will uninstall magisk module completely.

Now, It will ask you to do anything yet if yes then type Y or Nothing to do Type n.

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  1. i just used magisk hide option for one of the system app…. as i was having some issue with app(game).. so i thought its because the app(game) is not running because it detected that device is rooted….. aftef hding magisk for that system app…. the screen went black… so i restared…. after restarting and entering phone pattern lock…. the screen is still black …. so i am thinking to uninstall magisk by this method…. you can also give me suggestions if you want… thanks

  2. You made my day!!!!

    My device:
    Pixel 2 on Android 9 (2018/10) with TWRP-3.2.3-1 and ElementalX Kernel

    I stuck on G logo after flashing “multi-touch-fix” module after I set up my phone yesterday (hours of work), because the creator said it is P compatible but it wasn’t.

    unimod didn’t work. After flashing it it says “unimod not found” in terminal.

    Magisk for TWRP geve me 2 lib errors with every command i gave but it worked out fine!

    Now I just have to find a Pie multi touch fix 😉
    Thank you a lot and regards from good old germany 😉

  3. How can i use magisk to hide App for safetynet. I use a huawei P9 plus with VIE-L09C432B87 Stock Rom. Its Android 7 with emui 5.0.3. Magisk is on 17.3 beta and the App on 6.0.1. I always have a safetynet error. So what can I do to make it work. I tried several options and moduls also Version 17.1 but it won’t pass the safetynet check. Need help to solve this issue.

  4. Hi 👋 first of all let me thank you for your great work 2 I have a problem with my rooted infinix x 603 meditek f2fs data partition format every thing is working great excpt Installing magisk moudels I always get the message mount img failed I found on xda a fix f2fs workround but it require a ext2 or 4 format cash partition when I change the partition to one of these format the phone won’t boot up any idea 💡 how to fix the problem so ican instal magisk moudels by the way I have the latest magisk 18.1 and magisk manager 7 . thank you

  5. I have Nexus 6P ROM pixel experience and Everytime I uninstall magisk manager with recovery my phone don’t BOOT UP again , just go to bootloader . I try everything step by step nothing happened , l lose my apps every time

    • I had the same problem but the following will help.
      The zip contains a directory called mm-master instead of the single flash files. That’s the reason why you can’t flash it.
      Unpack the zip and pack a new zip file which contains only the single files of the directory mm-master. Now it’s flashable via TWRP.

  6. Accidentially I used magisk hide for some system apps to test if my banking app will maybe work then.
    My idea was to hide EVERY app except the few apps which I use with root access.

    Since that I am in a bootloop – my lockscreen does not let me in anymore.
    I can see all notifications and that my system is working fine behind that lockscreen.
    Is is really a torture to think about a factory reset and going back to zero.

    But as I understand this uninstallation of magisk here it is needed to have access to the data partition.
    Unfortunatly I have an rooted encrypted data partition which TWRP can not read and not mount.

    So no chance for me to get rid of that fault in my magisk hide settings, right?

  7. Hello, when I type” uninmod”, it shows “not found” ??
    Can someone help me?
    Do I need to reinstall stock rom?
    Thanks for your reply

  8. Thank you for your incredible free software!
    Wound up with a boot-loop after installing rirucore xposed module (sandhook) via Magisk Manager, I was an idiot and did not make flash-able backup of my ROM. I just want FakeWifi for reasons and I thought that module was basically a port of Xposed and would let me use Xposed modules. Recovery was fine of course and this utility is amazing. Method 1 did not work on my LG MS550 (Stylo 2 Plus). I used disable via method 2 and my phone went through a roughly 5 minute “Android is updating” dialog then put me back on my home screen with everything in place. I then used regular MM to remove the module, rebooted and life is swell again. I’ll feel more confident trying modules knowing you put this much thought into supporting your software! Now if I could just figure out how to spoof WiFi I’d be golden.

  9. My Magisk / Magisk Hide was working wonderful until the last update of my banking app. Now it sees root and also SafetyNet API Error appeared in Magisk Manager 6.0.0. Of course MM offers update to MM 7.3.2 (224) but when I install MM 7.3.2 then it requires at least Magisk v18 and doesn’t run. Magisk manager shows Magisk version v17.1 although I rooted my Galaxy S9 (SM-960F, LightROM Oreo 8.0) with Magisk-v16.3-modifié because at that time S9 was not supported by Magisk. Now I thought to uninstall Magisk with the first method but it says unknown or unsupported boot image and stops. Is it because the latest uninstaller (20190604) does not recognize the Magisk version modified by Jesec? Is it safe to try Magisk_Manager_for_Recovery_Mode_(mm) to uninstall Magisk? How would you update Magisk to v19.3?

  10. I am trying method 2. But I get a different screen at step 5
    1) List installed modules
    c)Core only mode
    m)magic mount
    q) Quit

    Tried using d and r. But my Apps, which needs root are still working.

    • Stephan,

      I had the same issue as you. I selected option c) Core Only mode. That allowed me to reboot my phone without loading any Magisk Modules and from there I removed the problematic module with the Magisk Manager app on my phone. Core only mode stops the Magisk Modules from loading and allowed me to reboot into my system. Once rebooted, I was able to remove the module causing the issue from the Magisk Manager app on my phone

  11. Can after downloading and installing exposed framework magisk module the Magisk Manager installed and flashed it onto my LG v20 h918 and at first my phone wouldn turn then I put it into recovery and factory reset it after I reboot from the TWRP and now my phone is soft bricked. Can I download these programs of this page from my phone and keep them in downloads folder on my internal storage and then go and flash TWRP install and execute all only using my phone that I’m using now or do I need a PC? Need help.

    • Yes you can. and that is what I used to do.
      They tell you to download “Magisk Module Uninstaller Flashable zip” on PC (cause once you stock in bootloop you can not do nothing, except get into TWRP) and to send in to your phone through MTP , because imagine your install a module and get stock in bootloop and you dont have those kind of tools on your phone ?
      when you drive a car, you should always have a spare tire, dont wait to need it to go buy one!
      So preferably, create a folder for example “System Tools” on your SD Card, always safer than internal Memory, and drope all those kinds of tools there. If you tweaking your phone, they ll always be handy to you!

  12. I’ve tried the first method but it didn’t work. So I sideloaded magisk manager and tried to uninstall the module. Mm was installed successfully. After typing /data/media/mm the list appeared below. Then I typed “u” as I wanted to uninstall a module but it doesn’t show the names of the modules I have installed on my device. Currently I have 3 modules in my device but can’t uninstall any of them as their name aren’t showing. I’ve tried typing “l” and “e” to see the list of modules installed on my device but still not getting the names of the modules. Help I’m stuck on boot.

  13. i see no1 has my problem.
    i know i did some magisk module install in the last boot . now when i woke up (as the phone discharged ) its nt booting. stuck in loading .
    i installed everything uninstalled everything but the old modules, tried core only .. nothing .

    can it be broken beyonf help?

    i suspect the vuperfx one was the problem .. but the module folder was empty..
    can the damage be done deeper ?

  14. I am stuck in bootloop after trying to install Edxposed Module (yahfa version) and rebooting. I do not have twrp installed on my pixel 3a device. I do not want to lose my data by doing factory reset. Is there any way to sideload magisk module uninstaller using my pc with adb and fastboot with platform tools r30.0.5? If so what are the steps? I am not tech savy. I was only trying to get safetynet to work and got the bootloop in this process. Please help. Thank you.

  15. Aww man I should ot have tried Magisk to root my phone. I cant get it out past the LG and unlocked bootloader warning
    LG V20 US996. TWRP recovery img used to install TWRP.
    Can boot into TWRP
    Installed zip for 21.4 I saw some red writing something about not access encrypted pass word.I had no password. Seemed to say it installed. Wiped cache , rebooted and now only have LG boot screen and the warning screen that the boot loader is unlocked. I thought this was supposed to be the safer way to do it but ow I can not get magisk off the phone to see if I can reboot normally.

    I misunderstood what they meant by backup. I backed up the data and files on LG switch but did no realize I was supposed to backup via TWRP.
    Is there any hope?
    I thought it should be possible to uninstall.
    Tried it from the external SD tried uninstall from the local SD. Tried terminal said no unimod found,

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