Install System-less Xposed Framework on Oreo 8.0 & 8.1+

Xposed Framework is the key Mod for the many of the android device rooted users. It gives you best modules for customising your Android device completely. Even you don’t need to install Custom Roms for getting amazing tweaks and mods. There are many modules developing day by day for compensating the user needs. In today article we will guide you to install System-less Xposed Framework on Oreo Android devices. Yep, you heard right! Just follow the simple steps from below.

Recently we got the official Xposed-Framework for the android nougat devices after so many days from Rovo89 ( the master of xposed). But for Oreo 8.0 & 8.1+ devices it takes very much less time to come out. Now, the developers of Xposed modules are started updating their modules for the latest release.

system-less xposed framework

What is System-less Xposed Framework?

Xposed Framework is the most powerful tool lets you bend your android operating system. This needs the xposed installer to manage the modules. The modules are the android apps which are specially designed for the xposed-framework. These will help you to tweak the android device as you want. You can get them from the popular android forums like Xda developers or download directly from the Xposed Installer android app via download section.

System-less Xposed framework is the modified version of the Original Xposed-framework from rovo89. This will help you to get the OTA updates and pass the Googles new security standard (safety net). Meanwhile, this will help you to work with the apps which don’t run on rooted devices. That is the main benefit for most of the users. It is ported as the magisk module by the topjhonwu (developer of magisk systemless root).


  • Magisk Root Here>>
  • Magisk Manager
  • Xposed Installer
  • Magisk Xposed module

Steps to Install System-less Xposed Framework on Oreo

Xposed framework is available for the ARM, ARM64, and x86 CPU architecture devices. In general xposed-framework, you need to confirm that the what CPU architecture you are having. But in this Universal System-less xposed-framework, you don’t need to consider this thing. It will automatically select by itself.

Points to be considered:- SDK26 = Android oreo 8.0 and SDK27 = Android oreo 8.1+

Step1:- Download the Magisk Module Xposed Framework according to the android oreo version

  • For Android SDK26 (Android v8.0) by topjohnwu:- Download
  • For Android SDK27 (Android v8.1+) by topjohnwu:- Download

Step2:- Download the Xposed Installer Apk from below link.

Step3:- Install the Xposed Installer apk as like the normal apks which are downloaded from unknown sources. You would get a popup if you didn’t enable the unknown sources option on system settings. Just enable it and install.

xposed installer apk

Step4:- Open Xposed Installer app and grant the Super User permission. Now tap on 3dots at the right, right corner of the app. Select the Reboot into recovery option. It will boot your device into recovery mode. Or you can do it through manually.

Step5:- Now, tap on install button if you are using TWRP custom recovery. Now, Select the Magisk Module Zip file from the storage.

systemless xposed for oreo

Step6:- Swipe the Install button. It will install the System-less Xposed Framework within a minute. Now, tap on reboot button. Your device will turn-on usually.

install system-less xposed framework oreo

Step7:- open the xposed installer app and check the framework is installed correctly. And also open magisk manage app to check the module is active or not in the modules section. Even you can directly flash the zip file in the Magisk manager modules section by tapping the yellow colour + icon.

xposed for oreo active
xposed for oreo

Final Words:-

This the best way to install the Xposed-framework without changing the system partitions. The official one from rovo89 will disrupt the Safetynet pass so better to install this magisk module version. If you have any further quires regarding this article then comment below, we will respond to your comments as fast as possible.


  1. Hello.
    I’ve istalled xposed v90-beta3 systemless on my Xiaomi Redmi 4x with Aex oreo rom.
    No problem installing it, but when I reboot after having activated modules I get bootloop.
    Was doing the same with the system version, but uninstalling it was fine.
    The problem is: how do I uninstall the systemless version?
    I can’t boot phone for uninstalling via Magisk and I don’t have a uninstaller file…

  2. Thank you for the and… wait a minute… WHERE IS THE GOD DAMN UNINSTALL.ZIP !!!
    Thank you for brick my phone ! :*

    Xiaomi redmi note 5 bootloop

  3. Hello. I want to know, if i can use the module Imei Changer Pro . I want to change my imei. Is this possible? Is there any update of IMei changer pro working??? thank you

  4. Downloaded the apk and SDK26 for my Android 8.0 Oneplus 3T.

    I installed the APK, and then SDK26. Fortunately it booted back into the OS np, but the APK never asked for root permission, and it will not detect the SDK26.

    The uninstaller inside the APK wont download. Is it available to download from here?

  5. I did it for my S8 …

    Magisk Manager shows it in modules, but the xposed installer said “not installed”.

    Now after I updated it in the Magisk Manager, it gets also detected in xposed installer.
    Thank you!

  6. I need to know, because it is not clearly drilled into our heads, this only works for ROOTED phones? I didn’t root my phone because I could see clear signs that the full, intact operating system is there in recovery … As well as all the proper CA Certificates. So, if I need to have a rooted phone, how do I go about doing this FixIt?

  7. Hlw,I want to root my system version 8.1.0
    I tried kingroot and other roots app but but failed.I have no twrp.So how can I root my 8.1.0 phone??plz suggest me .!

  8. Die hard fans of Xposed hesitate to upgrade Android, in the absence of Xposed support.This is true for the latest Android Pie as well. Magisk is useful but cannot replace Xposed for deep stuff. Yet another concern is Safety Net getting triggered when Xposed framework is installed through Magisk. Visit here for more info.

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