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Download DRM Disabler [Magisk Module]

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What is DRM Disabler? A Magisk module designed to disable DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) completely on Android devices using Magisk, for reasons of security or ethics (see: Opposing Digital Rights Mismanagement and Examples of proprietary DRM). It’s a simple module…

Changelog for Magisk 20.1 and Magisk Manager 7.4.0

magisk su and magisk manager
Magisk 20.1 [MagiskSU] Support component name agnostic communication (for stub APK) [MagiskBoot] Set proper header_size in boot image headers (fix vbmeta error on Samsung devices) [MagiskHide] Scan zygote multiple times [MagiskInit] Support recovery images without /sbin/recovery binary. This will fix…