Magisk Manager MD2 APK 2.7.7 Download {Material Design 2.0}


  1. Link is not working

  2. I just download the app , I pray it work for my android phone ,thanking you in anticipation.

  3. Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  4. It looks amazing!

  5. Error to analize package

    T2 Ultra Android L

  6. This version of magisk manager is much better than original version.

  7. Pls update to 19.2

  8. Update please !! Im tired of notification …. Of the update

  9. Please could you update it to support the latest canary magisk , thanks in advance

  10. update to 7.2.0

  11. Huzaifa Ibrahim Aziz
    Huzaifa Ibrahim Aziz

    It’s perfect and best UI.
    I wanna know if we can put in a custom update URL so it can update automatically. please?

  12. Hi, could you possible remove the Flashing animation, and make the flashing page the same dark color, instead of AMOLED black? Thanks!

  13. Any telegram channel for updates

  14. Cadê a versão 7.3.4 e 19.4 pro MD2???

  15. Version 7.3.5 ?? Pls thanks you

  16. Pls Update to 7.3.5

  17. When will it be updated to version 7.3.5?

  18. Please update the download link!The newest version is 7.3.5!!!

  19. Please update to the version 7.4.0

  20. This version is outdated, please update it. Thank you.

  21. Jesus Christ Superstar
    Jesus Christ Superstar


    How about showing some gratitude for the TIME and effort that goes into developing these apps???

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