Download Xposed for Android Pie 9.0 [Magisk Module]

Finally, Xposed for Android Pie is here as a Magisk Module. Oh, wait it’s not official one which is from the master of the xposed framework, Rovo. Meanwhile even we don’t know the exact development status and yet no news or statement from the developer too in XDA-Forums.

But here is the unofficial ported one by the developer Elder Driver since the official version is open-sourced. So far everything is working fine while installing on my Xiaomi MI5 running with Syberia OS based on AOSP.

It is named EDXposed in which you can able to install as a magisk module. And you must install Riru Core before installing since it is based on this Riru core Module.


Download Xposed Framework for Pie 9.0

Below are the requirements to make it work.

Once you are done with the download, let’s jump into the installation procedure.

How to Install Xposed on your Android Pie Device

Step 1. Download the 3 Requirements.

Step 2. Open Magisk Manager and head over to the modules section through the menu.

Step 3. Click on + button and navigate to the Riru Core Zip file and install it.

flashing xposed on android pie

Step 4. Now, Install EDXposed and reboot the system to activate the modules.

activate riru and edxposed module

Step 5. Install Xposed Installer APK by DVDandroid. Open it to know the status either active or not.

Does this method pass SafetyNet?

Yes, You can see the screenshot from below. One of the most excellent parts is; EDXposed will help you to pass the Safetynet measure. However, this thing was not possible with the topjohnwu systemless xposed.

edxposed pass safetynet

i want to add a few points to let you know that this is not an open source project and official build. Meanwhile, many xposed modules will not support the Android pie, and creators of them also hold the development.

So, install it with your own risk. Peace ✌️


  1. Нормально нормально. Но модули подходящие отсутствуют и в частности Gravity Box 🙁

  2. In OP3 (android 8.0.0 and OxygenOS 5.0.8) with magisk v19.0 and magisk manager v7.1.1; install: riru core v17.1 EdXposed v0.3.1.7_beta EdXposed Installer v2.2.4 And magisk showed me that safetynet did not pass.

      • I flashed riru core and edxposed but after a reboot, my xposed said framework not installed. I tried to reboot again using the reboot command on xposed installer, it took too long to reboot so I long pressed the power button to turn off and turn on manually, after putting the security pattern of my phone, the screen is just turning into black and I cannot open. what should I do?

  3. working fine on Redmi note 7 pro running on los pie, the beauty about this is it doesn’t break safety net😍

  4. Sorry ,but on my galaxy s8 it will not work. Always inacitive
    I will use flat style bar indicators . What can i do ?

  5. Hello!
    I installed the RiruCore and EDExposed. But the modules do not work (MinMinGuard, GravityBox). They do not see the framework (the framework does not respond). How to be? (Android 8.0)

  6. Followed the procedure but when opening xposed is shows xposed framework is not installed
    Device oneplus3t
    Android 9.0

  7. ************************************
    Xposed Framework installer zip
    – Mounting /system and /vendor read-write
    – Checking environment
    Xposed version: 90-beta3
    Android version: 8.1 / SDK27
    Platform: arm
    cp: can’t create ‘/system/xposed.prop’: Read-only file system
    – Placing files
    1 hatası oluştu

  8. Safetynet pass, working for me, Iam using J7 samsung with android Pie, Magisk 19.1 version and with flash:
    I installed the “EdXposedInstaller_v2.2.4-release.apk”, but the Safetynet did not pass.
    What I did was that within EdXp settings, I activated Black/White list And add (inside the blacklist) Google Play, Google Play services and Google Play games.
    After this, restart, open Magisk and finally pass the Safetynet.
    Thanks Magisk Staff, this helped me a lot.

  9. Xposed Framework installer zip
    – Mounting /system and /vendor read-write
    – Checking environment
    Xposed version: 90-beta3
    Android version: 8.1 / SDK27
    Platform: arm
    – Placing files
    cp: can’t create ‘/system/xposed.prop’: Read-only file system
    1 hatası oluştu

  10. Edexposed installer shows update available, but update fails indicating “parsing error.”

    N960F, Latest Magisk, Pie, Dr. Ketan root method, xposed for pie.

  11. #Ask
    How Do You Fix Camera Fail After Installing the Edxposed Module? I tried both of them (yahfa & sandhook) but still can’t connect with the camera, but can be reconnected when I unnistall the module

  12. Zenfone Max Pro M1 COMPLETE With Yahfa and Riri 19.1 magisk 19.3 🙂 thanks to magisk and other to make xposed for android pie and sorry for my bad english

  13. Hii can anyone help me i installed the xposed framework and it installed successfully but after installing it the mobile data is not working so I uninstalled it and the data started working does anyone else have faced this and anyone knows the solution for this thanks.

  14. My phone has canary magisk installed and it’s mentioned that nodules can’t be installed in core only mode..
    Does modules work on my Realme 3 pro

  15. Hi,
    where can I find the riru EDXposed uninstaller?
    The provided link shows only installer zips, but there is no
    Thanx for info

  16. Seems a bit risky knowing that it’s unofficial for Android 9 (Pie). Might as well wait for the developer(s) for the official release & all of it’s modules working properly without encountering bugs/issues. I’m just trying to avoid from bricking up nor end up in bootloop over & over again on my Samsung Galaxy J4 which I’ve successfully rooted. Thanks to you Magisk.

  17. Works on Samsung Galaxy S 4 i9505 LineageOs 16 (android 9) and even SafetyNet passed!
    Magisk 20.1 and manager 7.4.0, Riru Core v19.5. Riru EdXposed v0.4.5.1_beta (SandHook)
    This old phone is lotsa fun to play with lately thanks to active LineageOS devs =)

  18. I installed the EDXposed (sandhook and yahfa) and got into bootloop.. got the same results with both of the EDXposed.. good thing i have module Manager for the rescue.
    What should i do?

  19. I’ve tried it many times on my Realme C2 RMX1941 but it’s always ends in bootloop 😢
    it seems did not support for RMX1941 device.I wondering if there is any solution to put Xposed or EdXposed module on my device (Realme C2 RMX1941)

    NOTE : my RMX1941 run on A.18 built

    By the way…thx for the advice… 😊

  20. It is showing safetynet pass here but when we enable the xposed modules from EdXposed Installer, it is unable to pass the safetynet, I have tried it. May be Google might have updated the safteynet but now………… to use Google Pay you need to disable Riru Core module from the magisk manager. I did find a module called HiddenCore Module which is working great and everything is working fine even it is bypassing the safetynet as well and I am able to use Google Pay with Xposed framework and by keeping all the modules active, but it has a bug which is not allowing the screen to auto lock and screen stays awake unless you press power key, you have to disable HiddenCore module to fix your problem of auto lock.

  21. BootLoop after Step4 !!! (Note 10+)

    I wanted to install “Riru Core Magisk Module & EDXposed Magisk Module” I now have a BootLoop !!!
    (with Wipe Cache starts the phone Normal but have the message “Magisk is not installed”, … but with VOL-UP + Power comes Bootloop !!!)

    a) How can I delete these modules without TWRP?

  22. I installed the packages as described.
    Riru Core v19.6 (ok)
    EDXposed v0.4.6.0_beta4471 (SandHook and YAHFA) (Missing, both have a bootloop > S8+ DBT)

    Magisk 20.3 (20300) and Manager 7.5.1 (267) are used.

    Does anyone have a hint how it could still work?


  23. Xposed is successfully active. but safetynet failed. what’s the solution ?

    device redmi note 5. android 9. miui 10
    riru edxposed v4.6.2
    riru core v21.3
    edxposed app v4.5.7

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