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Some of your banking apps might not be working even if you are passing the safety net nowadays. To use those banking apps, you need to install a new Zygisk module called Shamiko from the Magisk Module section.

Shamiko is a Zygisk module to hide Magisk root, Zygisk itself and Zygisk modules like riru hide. It is developed by the team behind the LSPosed Module.

This is a Zygisk Module which only for hiding the root but not for passing SafetyNet. Also, works only on magisk 24.1 or above.


  • Magisk 24.1+
  • Zygisk Enabled
  • Shamiko read the denylist from Magisk for simplicity but it requires denylist enforcement to be disabled first.
  • Add banking to DenyList

Currently, system apps (with uid%100000=1000) cannot be hidden even if it’s in the denylist. This issue comes from Magisk


How to Install?

  • Install Shamiko and enable Zygisk and reboot.
  • Configure denylist to add processes for hiding.
  • *DO NOT* turn on denylist enforcement.
  • One last thing you need to do to work banking apps is just Hide Magisk app.
  • Add shortcut on screen.


  • You can create an empty file /data/adb/shamiko/whitelist to turn on whitelist mode and it can be triggered without reboot.
  • Whitelist has significant performance and memory consumption issue, please use it only for testing- Only apps that was previously granted root from Magisk can access root.
  • If you need to grant a new app root access, disable whitelist first

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