Changelog of Magisk 17.3 and Magisk Manager 6.0.1

Magisk 17.3

  • [MagiskBoot] Support boot image header v1 (Pixel 3)
  • [MagiskSU] No more linked lists for caching su_info
  • [MagiskSU] Parse command-lines in client side and send only options to daemon
  • [MagiskSU] Early ACK to prevent client freezes and early denies
  • [Daemon] Prevent bootloops in situations where /data is mounted twice
  • [Daemon] Prevent logcat failures when /system/bin is magic mounting, could cause MagiskHide to fail
  • [Scripts] Switch hexpatch to remove Samsung Defex to a more general pattern
  • [Scripts] Update data encryption detection for better custom recovery support

Magisk Manager 6.0.1

  • Update to use new online module’s organizing method
  • When fingerprint authentication is enabled, toggling root permissions in “Superuser” section now requires fingerprint beforehand
  • Fix crashes when entering MagiskHide section on some devices
  • Remove support to Magisk version lower than v15.0
  • Ask storage permissions before patching stock boot image
  • Update dark theme CardView color

magisk 17.3 and magisk manager 6.0.1

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