Download ENERGIZED Magisk Module ⚡ FLAKY blocking.
Energized Hosts consolidates several reputable hosts files and merges them into a unified hosts file with duplicates removed. A variety of tailored hosts files are provided.

energized magisk module

What is ENERGIZED for?

This Energized System is designed for Unix-like systems, gets a list of domains that serve ads, tracking scripts and malware from multiple reputable sources and creates a hosts file that prevents your system from connecting to them.

I know, there are a couple of great sources to use, but this project is one of my hobby projects, and I’m still learning how to do these things properly. There will be mistakes and bugs, hope to fix them with all of your help! So, let’s make an annoyance-free better open internet, altogether!


⚡ hosts based: based on the Hosts file, all the bad stuff blocked with
any device: compatible with all devices, regardless of OS.
blockings: strictly blocks advertisements, malware, spams, statistics & trackers on both web browsing and applications.
multiple formats: different variants for different devices.
⚡ ϟspeed you need: reduces page loading time up to half of its actual time!
privacy: with all these annoyances blocking, it also increases privacy.
saves expense: greatly decreases data consumption saving expense.
clean: no extra abracadabra!


Energized Hosts are basically hosts files to block access to domains. If you don’t know how it works, then please try this at your own risk. I won’t be responsible for any damage or loss. Never forget to make backups.


  • Directly from Magisk Manager or Download Latest Version from below.



Also, recommends you to download Greenify4Magisk Module.

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